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@@ -96,11 +96,40 @@ The --cc option must be repeated for each user you want on the cc list.
servers typically listen to smtp port 25 and ssmtp port
---smtp-user, --smtp-pass::
- Username and password for SMTP-AUTH. Defaults are the values of
- the configuration values 'sendemail.smtpuser' and
- 'sendemail.smtppass', but see also 'sendemail.identity'.
- If not set, authentication is not attempted.
+ Username for SMTP-AUTH. In place of this option, the following
+ configuration variables can be specified:
+ * sendemail.smtpuser
+ * sendemail.<identity>.smtpuser (see sendemail.identity).
+However, --smtp-user always overrides these variables.
+If a username is not specified (with --smtp-user or a
+configuration variable), then authentication is not attempted.
+ Password for SMTP-AUTH. The argument is optional: If no
+ argument is specified, then the empty string is used as
+ the password.
+In place of this option, the following configuration variables
+can be specified:
+ * sendemail.smtppass
+ * sendemail.<identity>.smtppass (see sendemail.identity).
+However, --smtp-pass always overrides these variables.
+Furthermore, passwords need not be specified in configuration files
+or on the command line. If a username has been specified (with
+--smtp-user or a configuration variable), but no password has been
+specified (with --smtp-pass or a configuration variable), then the
+user is prompted for a password while the input is masked for privacy.
If set, connects to the SMTP server using SSL.