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"reset --merge": fix unmerged case
Commit 9e8ecea (Add 'merge' mode to 'git reset', 2008-12-01) disallowed "git reset --merge" when there was unmerged entries. But it wished if unmerged entries were reset as if --hard (instead of --merge) has been used. This makes sense because all "mergy" operations makes sure that any path involved in the merge does not have local modifications before starting, so resetting such a path away won't lose any information. The previous commit changed the behavior of --merge to accept resetting unmerged entries if they are reset to a different state than HEAD, but it did not reset the changes in the work tree, leaving the conflict markers in the resulting file in the work tree. Fix it by doing three things: - Update the documentation to match the wish of original "reset --merge" better, namely, "An unmerged entry is a sign that the path didn't have any local modification and can be safely resetted to whatever the new HEAD records"; - Update read_index_unmerged(), which reads the index file into the cache while dropping any higher-stage entries down to stage #0, not to copy the object name from the higher stage entry. The code used to take the object name from the a stage entry ("base" if you happened to have stage #1, or "ours" if both sides added, etc.), which essentially meant that you are getting random results depending on what the merge did. The _only_ reason we want to keep a previously unmerged entry in the index at stage #0 is so that we don't forget the fact that we have corresponding file in the work tree in order to be able to remove it when the tree we are resetting to does not have the path. In order to differentiate such an entry from ordinary cache entry, the cache entry added by read_index_unmerged() is marked as CE_CONFLICTED. - Update merged_entry() and deleted_entry() so that they pay attention to cache entries marked as CE_CONFLICTED. They are previously unmerged entries, and the files in the work tree that correspond to them are resetted away by oneway_merge() to the version from the tree we are resetting to. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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--- a/Documentation/git-reset.txt
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@@ -122,14 +122,14 @@ entries:
X U A B --soft (disallowed)
--mixed X B B
--hard B B B
- --merge X B B
+ --merge B B B
working index HEAD target working index HEAD
X U A A --soft (disallowed)
--mixed X A A
--hard A A A
- --merge (disallowed)
+ --merge A A A
X means any state and U means an unmerged index.