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Merge branch 'js/reflog-delete'
* js/reflog-delete: Add tests for new stash commands drop and pop git-reflog.txt: Document new commands --updateref and --rewrite Add missing '&&' to body of testcase git-stash: add new 'pop' subcommand git-stash: add new 'drop' subcommand git-reflog: add option --updateref to write the last reflog sha1 into the ref refs.c: make close_ref() and commit_ref() non-static git-reflog: add option --rewrite to update reflog entries while expiring reflog-delete: parse standard reflog options builtin-reflog.c: fix typo that accesses an unset variable Teach "git reflog" a subcommand to delete single entries
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@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ depending on the subcommand:
git reflog expire [--dry-run] [--stale-fix] [--verbose]
[--expire=<time>] [--expire-unreachable=<time>] [--all] <refs>...
+git reflog delete ref@\{specifier\}...
git reflog [show] [log-options] [<ref>]
Reflog is a mechanism to record when the tip of branches are
@@ -43,6 +45,9 @@ two moves ago", `master@\{one.week.ago\}` means "where master used to
point to one week ago", and so on. See linkgit:git-rev-parse[1] for
more details.
+To delete single entries from the reflog, use the subcommand "delete"
+and specify the _exact_ entry (e.g. ``git reflog delete master@\{2\}'').
@@ -75,6 +80,15 @@ them.
Instead of listing <refs> explicitly, prune all refs.
+ Update the ref with the sha1 of the top reflog entry (i.e.
+ <ref>@\{0\}) after expiring or deleting.
+ While expiring or deleting, adjust each reflog entry to ensure
+ that the `old` sha1 field points to the `new` sha1 field of the
+ previous entry.
Print extra information on screen.
diff --git a/Documentation/git-stash.txt b/Documentation/git-stash.txt
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--- a/Documentation/git-stash.txt
+++ b/Documentation/git-stash.txt
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ git-stash - Stash the changes in a dirty working directory away
-'git-stash' (list | show [<stash>] | apply [<stash>] | clear)
+'git-stash' (list | show [<stash>] | apply [<stash>] | clear | drop [<stash>] | pop [<stash>])
'git-stash' [save [<message>]]
@@ -85,6 +85,17 @@ clear::
Remove all the stashed states. Note that those states will then
be subject to pruning, and may be difficult or impossible to recover.
+drop [<stash>]::
+ Remove a single stashed state from the stash list. When no `<stash>`
+ is given, it removes the latest one. i.e. `stash@\{0}`
+pop [<stash>]::
+ Remove a single stashed state from the stash list and apply on top
+ of the current working tree state. When no `<stash>` is given,
+ `stash@\{0}` is assumed. See also `apply`.