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Support for pickaxe matching regular expressions
git-diff-* --pickaxe-regex will change the -S pickaxe to match POSIX extended regular expressions instead of fixed strings. The regex.h library is a rather stupid interface and I like pcre too, but with any luck it will be everywhere we will want to run Git on, it being POSIX.2 and all. I'm not sure if we can expect platforms like AIX to conform to POSIX.2 or if win32 has regex.h. We might add a flag to Makefile if there is a portability trouble potential. Signed-off-by: Petr Baudis <>
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changeset, not just the files that contain the change
in <string>.
+ Make the <string> not a plain string but an extended POSIX
+ regex to match.
Output the patch in the order specified in the
<orderfile>, which has one shell glob pattern per line.