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Merge branch 'sp/describe'
* sp/describe: Use git-describe --exact-match in bash prompt on detached HEAD Teach git-describe --exact-match to avoid expensive tag searches Avoid accessing non-tag refs in git-describe unless --all is requested Teach git-describe to use peeled ref information when scanning tags Optimize peel_ref for the current ref of a for_each_ref callback
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@@ -45,6 +45,11 @@ OPTIONS
candidates to describe the input committish consider
up to <n> candidates. Increasing <n> above 10 will take
slightly longer but may produce a more accurate result.
+ An <n> of 0 will cause only exact matches to be output.
+ Only output exact matches (a tag directly references the
+ supplied commit). This is a synonym for --candidates=0.
Verbosely display information about the searching strategy