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Documentation: customize diff-options depending on particular command
Customize diff-options depending on particular command as follows, mostly to make git-diff and git-format-patch manuals less confusing: * git-format-patch: - Mark --patch-with-stat as being the default. - Change -p description so that it matches what it actually does and so that it doesn't refer to absent "section on generating patches". * git-diff: mark -p as being the default. * git-diff-index/git-diff-files/git-diff-tree: mark --raw as being the default. Signed-off-by: Sergei Organov <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+// Please don't remove this comment as asciidoc behaves badly when
+// the first non-empty line is ifdef/ifndef. The symptom is that
+// without this comment the <git-diff-core> attribute conditionally
+// defined below ends up being defined unconditionally.
+// Last checked with asciidoc 7.0.2.
+:git-diff-core: 1
- Generate patch (see section on generating patches)
+ Generate patches without diffstat.
+ Generate patch (see section on generating patches).
+ {git-diff? This is the default.}
Synonym for "-p".
@@ -13,6 +33,7 @@
Generate the raw format.
+ {git-diff-core? This is the default.}
Synonym for "-p --raw".
@@ -41,6 +62,7 @@
Synonym for "-p --stat".
+ {git-format-patch? This is the default.}
NUL-line termination on output. This affects the --raw
diff --git a/Documentation/git-diff.txt b/Documentation/git-diff.txt
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--- a/Documentation/git-diff.txt
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@@ -75,6 +75,7 @@ and the range notations ("<commit>..<commit>" and
+:git-diff: 1
diff --git a/Documentation/git-format-patch.txt b/Documentation/git-format-patch.txt
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--- a/Documentation/git-format-patch.txt
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@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ reference.
+:git-format-patch: 1