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Merge branch 'jk/quote-env-path-list-component' into maint
A recent update to receive-pack to make it easier to drop garbage objects made it clear that GIT_ALTERNATE_OBJECT_DIRECTORIES cannot have a pathname with a colon in it (no surprise!), and this in turn made it impossible to push into a repository at such a path. This has been fixed by introducing a quoting mechanism used when appending such a path to the colon-separated list. * jk/quote-env-path-list-component: t5615-alternate-env: double-quotes in file names do not work on Windows t5547-push-quarantine: run the path separator test on Windows, too tmp-objdir: quote paths we add to alternates alternates: accept double-quoted paths
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@@ -871,6 +871,12 @@ Git so take care if using a foreign front-end.
specifies a ":" separated (on Windows ";" separated) list
of Git object directories which can be used to search for Git
objects. New objects will not be written to these directories.
+ Entries that begin with `"` (double-quote) will be interpreted
+ as C-style quoted paths, removing leading and trailing
+ double-quotes and respecting backslash escapes. E.g., the value
+ `"path-with-\"-and-:-in-it":vanilla-path` has two paths:
+ `path-with-"-and-:-in-it` and `vanilla-path`.
If the `GIT_DIR` environment variable is set then it