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Ready for 2.11.1
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will never come. Teach the client side to notice this condition
and abort the transfer.
+ * Some platforms no longer understand "latin-1" that is still seen in
+ the wild in e-mail headers; replace them with "iso-8859-1" that is
+ more widely known when conversion fails from/to it.
+ * Update the procedure to generate "tags" for developer support.
+ * Update the definition of the MacOSX test environment used by
+ TravisCI.
+ * A few git-svn updates.
+ * Compression setting for producing packfiles were spread across
+ three codepaths, one of which did not honor any configuration.
+ Unify these so that all of them honor core.compression and
+ pack.compression variables the same way.
+ * "git fast-import" sometimes mishandled while rebalancing notes
+ tree, which has been fixed.
+ * Recent update to the default abbreviation length that auto-scales
+ lacked documentation update, which has been corrected.
+ * Leakage of lockfiles in the config subsystem has been fixed.
+ * It is natural that "git gc --auto" may not attempt to pack
+ everything into a single pack, and there is no point in warning
+ when the user has configured the system to use the pack bitmap,
+ leading to disabling further "gc".
+ * "git archive" did not read the standard configuration files, and
+ failed to notice a file that is marked as binary via the userdiff
+ driver configuration.
+ * "git blame --porcelain" misidentified the "previous" <commit, path>
+ pair (aka "source") when contents came from two or more files.
+ * "git rebase -i" with a recent update started showing an incorrect
+ count when squashing more than 10 commits.
+ * "git <cmd> @{push}" on a detached HEAD used to segfault; it has
+ been corrected to error out with a message.
+ * Tighten a test to avoid mistaking an extended ERE regexp engine as
+ a PRE regexp engine.
Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.