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Documentation/SubmittingPatches - a suggested patch flow
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and found to have the desired effect.
+An ideal patch flow
+Here is an ideal patch flow for this project the current maintainer
+suggests to the contributors:
+ (0) You come up with an itch. You code it up.
+ (1) Send it to the list and cc people who may need to know about
+ the change.
+ The people who may need to know are the ones whose code you
+ are butchering. These people happen to be the ones who are
+ most likely to be knowledgeable enough to help you, but
+ they have no obligation to help you (i.e. you ask for help,
+ don't demand). "git log -p -- $area_you_are_modifying" would
+ help you find out who they are.
+ (2) You get comments and suggestions for improvements. You may
+ even get them in a "on top of your change" patch form.
+ (3) Polish, refine, and re-send to the list and the people who
+ spend their time to improve your patch. Go back to step (2).
+ (4) The list forms consensus that the last round of your patch is
+ good. Send it to the list and cc the maintainer.
+ (5) A topic branch is created with the patch and is merged to 'next',
+ and cooked further and eventually graduates to 'master'.
+In any time between the (2)-(3) cycle, the maintainer may pick it up
+from the list and queue it to 'pu', in order to make it easier for
+people play with it without having to pick up and apply the patch to
+their trees themselves.
MUA specific hints
Some of patches I receive or pick up from the list share common