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Update draft release notes to 1.8.2
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -76,6 +76,10 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
* "git blame" (and "git diff") learned the "--no-follow" option.
+ * "git branch" now rejects some nonsense combinations of command line
+ arguments (e.g. giving more than one branch name to rename) with
+ more case-specific error messages.
* "git check-ignore" command to help debugging .gitignore files has
been added.
@@ -105,6 +109,12 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
rewrite the names and email addresses of people using the mailmap
+ * "git mergetool" and "git difftool" learned to list the available
+ tool backends in a more consistent manner.
+ * "git mergetool" is aware of TortoiseGitMerge now and uses it over
+ TortoiseMerge when available.
* "git push" now requires "-f" to update a tag, even if it is a
fast-forward, as tags are meant to be fixed points.
@@ -281,7 +291,6 @@ details).
* We forgot to close the file descriptor reading from "gpg" output,
killing "git log --show-signature" on a long history.
- (merge 7dac3f8 sb/gpg-plug-fd-leak later to maint).
* The way "git svn" asked for password using SSH_ASKPASS and
GIT_ASKPASS was not in line with the rest of the system.
@@ -297,7 +306,6 @@ details).
* Rebasing the history of superproject with change in the submodule
has been broken since v1.7.12.
- (merge e28efb1 jc/fake-ancestor-with-non-blobs later to maint).
* After "git add -N" and then writing a tree object out of the
index, the cache-tree data structure got corrupted.
@@ -319,7 +327,6 @@ details).
* A failure to push due to non-ff while on an unborn branch
dereferenced a NULL pointer when showing an error message.
- (merge 1d2c14d ft/transport-report-segv later to maint).
* When users spell "cc:" in lowercase in the fake "header" in the
trailer part, "git send-email" failed to pick up the addresses from
@@ -337,6 +344,11 @@ details).
"highlight" filter lost known-to-be-safe control characters by
+ * "gitweb" pages served over HTTPS, when configured to show picon or
+ gravatar, referred to these external resources to be fetched via
+ HTTP, resulting in mixed contents warning in browsers.
+ (merge 5748558 ab/gitweb-use-same-scheme later to maint).
* When a line to be wrapped has a solid run of non space characters
whose length exactly is the wrap width, "git shortlog -w" failed
to add a newline after such a line.
@@ -364,7 +376,6 @@ details).
versions of ccache broke the auto-generation of dependencies, which
unfortunately is still relevant because some people use ancient
- (merge 6978934 jn/auto-depend-workaround-buggy-ccache later to maint).
* We have been carrying a translated and long-unmaintained copy of an
old version of the tutorial; removed.
@@ -385,4 +396,3 @@ details).
* Scripts to test bash completion was inherently flaky as it was
affected by whatever random things the user may have on $PATH.
- (merge 5047822 jc/do-not-let-random-file-interfere-with-completion-tests later to maint).