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+Git v2.10.3 Release Notes
+Fixes since v2.10.2
+ * Extract a small helper out of the function that reads the authors
+ script file "git am" internally uses.
+ This by itself is not useful until a second caller appears in the
+ future for "rebase -i" helper.
+ * The command-line completion script (in contrib/) learned to
+ complete "git cmd ^mas<HT>" to complete the negative end of
+ reference to "git cmd ^master".
+ * "git send-email" attempts to pick up valid e-mails from the
+ trailers, but people in real world write non-addresses there, like
+ "Cc: Stable <> # 4.8+", which broke the output depending
+ on the availability and vintage of Mail::Address perl module.
+ * The code that we have used for the past 10+ years to cycle
+ 4-element ring buffers turns out to be not quite portable in
+ theoretical world.
+ * "git daemon" used fixed-length buffers to turn URL to the
+ repository the client asked for into the server side directory
+ path, using snprintf() to avoid overflowing these buffers, but
+ allowed possibly truncated paths to the directory. This has been
+ tightened to reject such a request that causes overlong path to be
+ required to serve.
+ * Recent update to git-sh-setup (a library of shell functions that
+ are used by our in-tree scripted Porcelain commands) included
+ another shell library git-sh-i18n without specifying where it is,
+ relying on the $PATH. This has been fixed to be more explicit by
+ prefixing $(git --exec-path) output in front.
+ * Fix for a racy false-positive test failure.
+ * Portability update and workaround for builds on recent Mac OS X.
+ * Update to the test framework made in 2.9 timeframe broke running
+ the tests under valgrind, which has been fixed.
+ * Improve the rule to convert "unsigned char [20]" into "struct
+ object_id *" in contrib/coccinelle/
+Also contains minor documentation updates and code clean-ups.