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Merge branch 'jn/pager-lv-default-env'
Just like we give a reasonable default for "less" via the LESS environment variable, specify a reasonable default for "lv" via the "LV" environment variable when spawning the pager. * jn/pager-lv-default-env: pager: set LV=-c alongside LESS=FRSX
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@@ -567,6 +567,10 @@ be passed to the shell by Git, which will translate the final
command to `LESS=FRSX less -+S`. The environment tells the command
to set the `S` option to chop long lines but the command line
resets it to the default to fold long lines.
+Likewise, when the `LV` environment variable is unset, Git sets it
+to `-c`. You can override this setting by exporting `LV` with
+another value or setting `core.pager` to `lv +c`.
A comma separated list of common whitespace problems to