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Merge branch 'jk/prune-with-corrupt-refs' into maint
"git prune" used to largely ignore broken refs when deciding which objects are still being used, which could spread an existing small damage and make it a larger one. * jk/prune-with-corrupt-refs: refs.c: drop curate_packed_refs repack: turn on "ref paranoia" when doing a destructive repack prune: turn on ref_paranoia flag refs: introduce a "ref paranoia" flag t5312: test object deletion code paths in a corrupted repository
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@@ -1027,6 +1027,17 @@ GIT_ICASE_PATHSPECS::
variable when it is invoked as the top level command by the
end user, to be recorded in the body of the reflog.
+ If set to `1`, include broken or badly named refs when iterating
+ over lists of refs. In a normal, non-corrupted repository, this
+ does nothing. However, enabling it may help git to detect and
+ abort some operations in the presence of broken refs. Git sets
+ this variable automatically when performing destructive
+ operations like linkgit:git-prune[1]. You should not need to set
+ it yourself unless you want to be paranoid about making sure
+ an operation has touched every ref (e.g., because you are
+ cloning a repository to make a backup).