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Sync with Git 2.14.4
* maint-2.14: Git 2.14.4 Git 2.13.7 verify_path: disallow symlinks in .gitmodules update-index: stat updated files earlier verify_dotfile: mention case-insensitivity in comment verify_path: drop clever fallthrough skip_prefix: add case-insensitive variant is_{hfs,ntfs}_dotgitmodules: add tests is_ntfs_dotgit: match other .git files is_hfs_dotgit: match other .git files is_ntfs_dotgit: use a size_t for traversing string submodule-config: verify submodule names as paths
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+Git v2.13.7 Release Notes
+Fixes since v2.13.6
+ * Submodule "names" come from the untrusted .gitmodules file, but we
+ blindly append them to $GIT_DIR/modules to create our on-disk repo
+ paths. This means you can do bad things by putting "../" into the
+ name. We now enforce some rules for submodule names which will cause
+ Git to ignore these malicious names (CVE-2018-11235).
+ Credit for finding this vulnerability and the proof of concept from
+ which the test script was adapted goes to Etienne Stalmans.
+ * It was possible to trick the code that sanity-checks paths on NTFS
+ into reading random piece of memory (CVE-2018-11233).
+Credit for fixing for these bugs goes to Jeff King, Johannes
+Schindelin and others.
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+Git v2.14.4 Release Notes
+This release is to forward-port the fixes made in the v2.13.7 version
+of Git. See its release notes for details.