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Post 2.3 cyce (batch #10)
Also declare that the next one will be called v2.4 ;-) Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+Git 2.4 Release Notes
+Updates since v2.3
+ * Our default I/O size (8 MiB) for large files was too large for some
+ platforms with smaller SSIZE_MAX, leading to read(2)/write(2)
+ failures.
+ * We did not check the curl library version before using
+ CURLOPT_PROXYAUTH feature that may not exist.
+UI, Workflows & Features
+ * The command usage info strings given by "git cmd -h" and in
+ documentation have been tweaked for consistency.
+ * The "sync" subcommand of "git p4" now allows users to exclude
+ subdirectories like its "clone" subcommand does.
+ * "git log --invert-grep --grep=WIP" will show only commits that do
+ not have the string "WIP" in their messages.
+ * "git push" has been taught a "--atomic" option that makes push to
+ update more than one ref an "all-or-none" affair.
+ * Extending the "push to deploy" added in 2.3, the behaviour of "git
+ push" when updating the branch that is checked out can now be
+ tweaked by push-to-checkout hook.
+ * Using environment variable LANGUAGE and friends on the client side,
+ HTTP-based transports now send Accept-Language when making requests.
+ * "git send-email" used to accept a mistaken "y" (or "yes") as an
+ answer to "What encoding do you want to use [UTF-8]? " without
+ questioning. Now it asks for confirmation when the answer looks
+ too short to be a valid encoding name.
+ * When "git apply --whitespace=fix" fixed whitespace errors in the
+ common context lines, the command reports that it did so.
+ * "git status" now allows the "-v" to be given twice to show the
+ differences that are left in the working tree not to be committed.
+ * "git cherry-pick" used to clean-up the log message even when it is
+ merely replaying an existing commit. It now replays the message
+ verbatim unless you are editing the message of resulting commits.
+ * "git archive" can now be told to set the 'text' attribute in the
+ resulting zip archive.
+Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
+ * Implementation of N_() macro has been updated slightly to help us
+ detect mistakes.
+ * Implementation of "reflog expire" has been restructured to fit the
+ reflogs better with the recently updated ref API.
+ * The transport-helper did not give transport options such as
+ verbosity, progress, cloning, etc. to import and export based
+ helpers, like it did for fetch and push based helpers, robbing them
+ the chance to honor the wish of the end-users better.
+ * The tests that wanted to see that file becomes unreadable after
+ running "chmod a-r file", and the tests that wanted to make sure it
+ is not run as root, we used "can we write into the / directory?" as
+ a cheap substitute, but on some platforms that is not a good
+ heuristics. The tests and their prerequisites have been updated to
+ check what they really require.
+ (merge f400e51 jk/sanity later to maint).
+ * Various issues around "reflog expire", e.g. using --updateref when
+ expiring a reflog for a symbolic reference, have been corrected
+ and/or made saner.
+ * The strbuf API was explained between the API documentation and in
+ the header file. Move missing bits to strbuf.h so that programmers
+ can check only one place for all necessary information.
+ * The error handling functions and conventions are now documented in
+ the API manual.
+ * Optimize attribute look-up, mostly useful in "git grep" on a
+ project that does not use many attributes, by avoiding it when we
+ (should) know that the attributes are not defined in the first
+ place.
+ * Typofix in comments.
+ (merge ef2956a ak/git-pm-typofix later to maint).
+ * Code clean-up.
+ (merge 0b868f0 sb/hex-object-name-is-at-most-41-bytes-long later to maint).
+ (merge 5d30851 dp/remove-duplicated-header-inclusion later to maint).
+ * Simplify the ref transaction API around how "the ref should be
+ pointing at this object" is specified.
+Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.
+Fixes since v2.3
+Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v2.3 in the maintenance
+track are contained in this release (see the maintenance releases'
+notes for details).
+ * "git blame HEAD -- missing" failed to correctly say "HEAD" when it
+ tried to say "No such path 'missing' in HEAD".
+ (merge a46442f jk/blame-commit-label later to maint).
+ * "git rerere" (invoked internally from many mergy operations) did
+ not correctly signal errors when told to update the working tree
+ files and failed to do so for whatever reason.
+ (merge 89ea903 jn/rerere-fail-on-auto-update-failure later to maint).
+ * Setting diff.submodule to 'log' made "git format-patch" produce
+ broken patches.
+ (merge 339de50 dk/format-patch-ignore-diff-submodule later to maint).
+ * After attempting and failing a password-less authentication
+ (e.g. kerberos), libcURL refuses to fall back to password based
+ Basic authentication without a bit of help/encouragement.
+ (merge 4dbe664 bc/http-fallback-to-password-after-krb-fails later to maint).
+ * The "git push" documentation made the "--repo=<there>" option
+ easily misunderstood.
+ (merge 57b92a7 mg/push-repo-option-doc later to maint).
+ * Code to read branch name from various files in .git/ directory
+ would have misbehaved if the code to write them left an empty file.
+ (merge 66ec904 jk/status-read-branch-name-fix later to maint).
+ * A misspelled conditional that is always true has been fixed.
+ (merge 94ee8e2 jk/remote-curl-an-array-in-struct-cannot-be-null later to maint).
+ * The documentation incorrectly said that C(opy) and R(ename) are the
+ only ones that can be followed by the score number in the output in
+ the --raw format.
+ (merge ac1c2d9 jc/diff-format-doc later to maint).
+ * A broken pack .idx file in the receiving repository prevented the
+ dumb http transport from fetching a good copy of it from the other
+ side.
+ (merge 8b9c2dd jk/dumb-http-idx-fetch-fix later to maint).
+ * The error message from "git commit", when a non-existing author
+ name was given as value to the "--author=" parameter, has been
+ reworded to avoid misunderstanding.
+ (merge 1044b1f mg/commit-author-no-match-malformed-message later to maint).
+ * "git log --help" used to show rev-list options that are irrelevant
+ to the "log" command.
+ (merge 3cab02d jc/doc-log-rev-list-options later to maint).
+ * "git apply --whitespace=fix" used to under-allocate the memory when
+ the fix resulted in a longer text than the original patch.
+ (merge 407a792 jc/apply-ws-fix-expands later to maint).
+ * The interactive "show a list and let the user choose from it"
+ interface "add -i" used showed and prompted to the user even when
+ the candidate list was empty, against which the only "choice" the
+ user could have made was to choose nothing.
+ (merge a9c4641 ak/add-i-empty-candidates later to maint).
+ * The insn sheet "git rebase -i" creates did not fully honor
+ core.abbrev settings.
+ (merge edb72d5 ks/rebase-i-abbrev later to maint).
+ * "git fetch" over a remote-helper that cannot respond to "list"
+ command could not fetch from a symbolic reference e.g. HEAD.
+ (merge 33cae54 mh/deref-symref-over-helper-transport later to maint).
+ * "git push --signed" gave an incorrectly worded error message when
+ the other side did not support the capability.
+ (merge 45917f0 jc/push-cert later to maint).
+ * We didn't format an integer that wouldn't fit in "int" but in
+ "uintmax_t" correctly.
+ (merge d306f3d jk/decimal-width-for-uintmax later to maint).
+ * Reading configuration from a blob object, when it ends with a lone
+ CR, use to confuse the configuration parser.
+ (merge 1d0655c jk/config-no-ungetc-eof later to maint).
+ * The pack bitmap support did not build with older versions of GCC.
+ (merge bd4e882 jk/pack-bitmap later to maint).
+ * The documentation wasn't clear that "remote.<nick>.pushURL" and
+ "remote.<nick>.URL" are there to name the same repository accessed
+ via different transports, not two separate repositories.
+ (merge 697f652 jc/remote-set-url-doc later to maint).
+ * Older GnuPG implementations may not correctly import the keyring
+ material we prepare for the tests to use.
+ (merge 1f985d6 ch/new-gpg-drops-rfc-1991 later to maint).
+ * The credential helper for Windows (in contrib/) used to mishandle
+ a user name with an at-sign in it.
+ (merge 13d261e av/wincred-with-at-in-username-fix later to maint).
+ * Longstanding configuration variable naming rules has been added to
+ the documentation.
+ (merge 35840a3 jc/conf-var-doc later to maint).
+ * An earlier workaround to squelch unhelpful deprecation warnings
+ from the complier on Mac OSX unnecessarily set minimum required
+ version of the OS, which the user might want to raise (or lower)
+ for other reasons.
+ (merge 88c03eb es/squelch-openssl-warnings-on-macosx later to maint).
+ * Certain older vintages of cURL give irregular output from
+ "curl-config --vernum", which confused our build system.
+ (merge 3af6792 tc/curl-vernum-output-broken-in-7.11 later to maint).
+ * In v2.2.0, we broke "git prune" that runs in a repository that
+ borrows from an alternate object store.
+ (merge b0a4264 jk/prune-mtime later to maint).
+ * "git submodule add" failed to squash "path/to/././submodule" to
+ "path/to/submodule".
+ (merge 8196e72 ps/submodule-sanitize-path-upon-add later to maint).
+ * "git merge-file" did not work correctly in a subdirectory.
+ (merge 204a8ff ab/merge-file-prefix later to maint).
+ * "git blame" died, trying to free an uninitialized piece of memory.
+ (merge e600592 es/blame-commit-info-fix later to maint).
+ * "git fast-import" used to crash when it could not close and
+ conclude the resulting packfile cleanly.
+ (merge 5e915f3 jk/fast-import-die-nicely-fix later to maint).
+ * "update-index --refresh" used to leak when an entry cannot be
+ refreshed for whatever reason.
+ (merge bc1c2ca sb/plug-leak-in-make-cache-entry later to maint).
+ * The "interpolated-path" option of "git daemon" inserted any string
+ client declared on the "host=" capability request without checking.
+ Sanitize and limit %H and %CH to a saner and a valid DNS name.
+ (merge b485373 jk/daemon-interpolate later to maint).
+ * "git daemon" looked up the hostname even when "%CH" and "%IP"
+ interpolations are not requested, which was unnecessary.
+ (merge dc8edc8 rs/daemon-interpolate later to maint).
+ * Even though we officially haven't dropped Perl 5.8 support, the
+ Getopt::Long package that came with it does not support "--no-"
+ prefix to negate a boolean option; manually add support to help
+ people with older Getopt::Long package.
+ (merge f471494 km/send-email-getopt-long-workarounds later to maint).
+ * "git apply" was not very careful about reading from, removing,
+ updating and creating paths outside the working tree (under
+ --index/--cached) or the current directory (when used as a
+ replacement for GNU patch).
+ (merge e0d201b jc/apply-beyond-symlink later to maint).
+ * A breakage to git-svn around v2.2 era that triggers premature
+ closing of FileHandle has been corrected.
+ (merge e426311 ew/svn-maint-fixes later to maint).
+ * We did not parse username followed by literal IPv6 address in SSH
+ transport URLs, e.g. ssh://user@[2001:db8::1]:22/repo.git
+ correctly.
+ (merge 3f55cca tb/connect-ipv6-parse-fix later to maint).
+ * The configuration variable 'mailinfo.scissors' was hard to
+ discover in the documentation.
+ (merge afb5de7 mm/am-c-doc later to maint).
+ * The interaction between "git submodule update" and the
+ submodule.*.update configuration was not clearly documented.
+ (merge 5c31acf ms/submodule-update-config-doc later to maint).
+ * "git diff --shortstat --dirstat=changes" showed a dirstat based on
+ lines that was never asked by the end user in addition to the
+ dirstat that the user asked for.
+ (merge ab27389 mk/diff-shortstat-dirstat-fix later to maint).
+ * "git remote add" mentioned "--tags" and "--no-tags" and was not
+ clear that fetch from the remote in the future will use the default
+ behaviour when neither is given to override it.
+ (merge aaba0ab mg/doc-remote-tags-or-not later to maint).
+ * Description given by "grep -h" for its --exclude-standard option
+ was phrased poorly.
+ (merge 77fdb8a nd/grep-exclude-standard-help-fix later to maint).
+ * "git rebase -i" recently started to include the number of
+ commits in the insn sheet to be processed, but on a platform
+ that prepends leading whitespaces to "wc -l" output, the numbers
+ are shown with extra whitespaces that aren't necessary.
+ (merge 2185d3b es/rebase-i-count-todo later to maint).
+ * The borrowed code in kwset API did not follow our usual convention
+ to use "unsigned char" to store values that range from 0-255.
+ (merge 189c860 bw/kwset-use-unsigned later to maint).
+ * A corrupt input to "git diff -M" used to cause it to segfault.
+ (merge 4d6be03 jk/diffcore-rename-duplicate later to maint).
+ * Code cleanups and documentaiton updates.
+ (merge 2ce63e9 rs/simple-cleanups later to maint).
+ (merge 33baa69 rj/no-xopen-source-for-cygwin later to maint).
+ (merge 817d03e jc/diff-test-updates later to maint).
+ (merge eb32c66 ak/t5516-typofix later to maint).
+ (merge bcd57cb mr/doc-clean-f-f later to maint).
+ (merge 0d6accc mg/doc-status-color-slot later to maint).
+ (merge 53e53c7 sg/completion-remote later to maint).
+ (merge 8fa7975 ak/git-done-help-cleanup later to maint).
+ (merge 9a6f128 rs/deflate-init-cleanup later to maint).