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git-bundle.txt: Add different strategies to create the bundle
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@@ -99,36 +99,62 @@ Assume two repositories exist as R1 on machine A, and R2 on machine B.
For whatever reason, direct connection between A and B is not allowed,
but we can move data from A to B via some mechanism (CD, email, etc).
We want to update R2 with developments made on branch master in R1.
+To create the bundle you have to specify the basis. You have some options:
+- Without basis.
+This is useful when sending the whole history.
+$ git bundle create mybundle master
+- Using temporally tags.
We set a tag in R1 (lastR2bundle) after the previous such transport,
and move it afterwards to help build the bundle.
-in R1 on A:
$ git-bundle create mybundle master ^lastR2bundle
$ git tag -f lastR2bundle master
-(move mybundle from A to B by some mechanism)
+- Using a tag present in both repositories
+$ git bundle create mybundle master ^v1.0.0
+- A basis based on time.
+$ git bundle create mybundle master --since=10.days.ago
-in R2 on B:
+- With a limit on the number of commits
-$ git-bundle verify mybundle
-$ git-fetch mybundle refspec
+$ git bundle create mybundle master -n 10
-where refspec is refInBundle:localRef
+Then you move mybundle from A to B, and in R2 on B:
+$ git-bundle verify mybundle
+$ git-fetch mybundle master:localRef
-Also, with something like this in your config:
+With something like this in the config in R2:
[remote "bundle"]
url = /home/me/tmp/file.bdl
fetch = refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
You can first sneakernet the bundle file to ~/tmp/file.bdl and
-then these commands:
+then these commands on machine B:
$ git ls-remote bundle