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+ARTICLES += howto-index
+ARTICLES += repository-layout
# with their own formatting rules.
SP_ARTICLES = glossary howto/revert-branch-rebase
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File/Directory Structure
-The git-core manipulates the following areas in the directory:
- .git/ The base (overridden with $GIT_DIR)
- objects/ The object base (overridden with $GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY)
- ??/ 'First 2 chars of object' directories.
- pack/ Packed archives.
- refs/ Directories containing symbolic names for objects
- (each file contains the hex SHA1 + newline)
- heads/ Commits which are heads of various sorts
- tags/ Tags, by the tag name (or some local renaming of it)
- */ Any other subdirectory of refs/ can be used to store
- files similar to what are under refs/heads/.
- HEAD Symlink to refs/heads/<current-branch-name>
+Please see link:repository-layout.html[repository layout] document.
Higher level SCMs may provide and manage additional information in the
Please see link:glossary.html[glossary] document.
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+GIT repository layout
+v0.99.5, Sep 2005
+You may find these things in your git repository (`.git`
+directory for a repository associated with your working tree, or
+`'project'.git` directory for a public 'naked' repository).
+ Object store associated with this repository. Usually
+ an object store is self sufficient (i.e. all the objects
+ that are referred to by an object found in it are also
+ found in it), but there are couple of ways to violate
+ it.
+. You could populate the repository by running a commit walker
+without `-a` option. Depending on which options are given, you
+could have only commit objects without associated blobs and
+trees this way, for example. A repository with this kind of
+incomplete object store is not suitable to be published to the
+outside world but sometimes useful for private repository.
+. You can be using `objects/info/alternates` mechanism, or
+`$GIT_ALTERNATE_OBJECT_DIRECTORIES` mechanism to 'borrow'
+objects from other object stores. A repository with this kind
+of incompete object store is not suitable to be published for
+use with dumb transports but otherwise is OK as long as
+`objects/info/alternates` points at the right object stores
+it borrows from.
+ Traditionally, each object is stored in its own file.
+ They are split into 256 subdirectories using the first
+ two letters from its object name to keep the number of
+ directory entries `objects` directory itself needs to
+ hold. Objects found here are often called 'unpacked'
+ objects.
+ Packs (files that store many object in compressed form,
+ along with index files to allow them to be randomly
+ accessed) are found in this directory.
+ Additional information about the object store is
+ recorded in this directory.
+ This file is to help dumb transports discover what packs
+ are available in this object store. Whenever a pack is
+ added or removed, `git update-server-info` should be run
+ to keep this file up-to-date if the repository is
+ published for dumb transports. `git repack` does this
+ by default.
+ This file records absolute filesystem paths of alternate
+ object stores that this object store borrows objects
+ from, one pathname per line.
+ References are stored in subdirectories of this
+ directory. The `git prune` command knows to keep
+ objects reachable from refs found in this directory and
+ its subdirectories.
+ records tip-of-the-tree commit objects of branch `name`
+ records any object name (not necessarily a commit
+ object, or a tag object that points at a commit object).
+ A symlink of the form `refs/heads/'name'` to point at
+ the current branch, if exists. It does not mean much if
+ the repository is not associated with any working tree
+ (i.e. 'naked' repository), but a valid git repository
+ *must* have such a symlink here. It is legal if the
+ named branch 'name' does not (yet) exist.
+ A slightly deprecated way to store shorthands to be used
+ to specify URL to `git fetch`, `git pull` and `git push`
+ commands is to store a file in `branches/'name'` and
+ give 'name' to these commands in place of 'repository'
+ argument.
+ Hooks are customization scripts used by various git
+ commands. A handful of sample hooks are installed when
+ `git init-db` is run, but all of them are disabled by
+ default. To enable, they need to be made executable.
+ The current index file for the repository. It is
+ usually not found in a naked repository.
+ Additional information about the repository is recorded
+ in this directory.
+ This file is to help dumb transports to discover what
+ refs are available in this repository. Whenever you
+ create/delete a new branch or a new tag, `git
+ update-server-info` should be run to keep this file
+ up-to-date if the repository is published for dumb
+ transports. The `git-receive-pack` command, which is
+ run on a remote repository when you `git push` into it,
+ runs `hooks/update` hook to help you achive this.
+ This file records fake commit ancestry information, to
+ pretend the set of parents a commit has is different
+ from how the commit was actually created. One record
+ per line describes a commit and its fake parents by
+ listing their 40-byte hexadecimal object names separated
+ by a space and terminated by a newline.
+ No higher-level tool currently takes advantage of this
+ file, but it is generated when `git update-server-info`
+ is run. It records the commit ancestry information of
+ the commits in this repository in a concise binary
+ format, and can be read with `git-show-rev-cache`.
+ This file, by convention among Porcelains, stores the
+ exclude pattern list. `git status` looks at it, but
+ otherwise it is not looked at by any of the core GIT
+ commands.
+ Stoers shorthands to be used to give URL and default
+ refnames to interact with remote repository to `git
+ fetch`, `git pull` and `git push` commands.
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@@ -93,6 +93,11 @@ expect to see a number of 41-byte files containing these
references in these `refs` subdirectories when you actually start
populating your tree.
+An advanced user may want to take a look at the
+link:repository-layout.html[repository layout] document
+after finishing this tutorial.
You have now created your first git repository. Of course, since it's
empty, that's not very useful, so let's start populating it with data.
@@ -1098,6 +1103,12 @@ your login shell is `bash`, only `.bashrc` is read and not
`.bash_profile`. As a workaround, make sure `.bashrc` sets up
`$PATH` so that you can run `git-receive-pack` program.
+If you plan to publish this repository to be accessed over http,
+you should do `chmod +x my-git.git/hooks/post-update` at this
+point. This makes sure that every time you push into this
+repository, `git-update-server-info` is run.
Your "public repository" is now ready to accept your changes.
Come back to the machine you have your private repository. From
there, run this command: