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Merge branch 'jm/mergetool-pathspec' into maint-1.7.6
* jm/mergetool-pathspec: mergetool: no longer need to save standard input mergetool: Use args as pathspec to unmerged files
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@@ -17,9 +17,10 @@ Use `git mergetool` to run one of several merge utilities to resolve
merge conflicts. It is typically run after 'git merge'.
If one or more <file> parameters are given, the merge tool program will
-be run to resolve differences on each file. If no <file> names are
-specified, 'git mergetool' will run the merge tool program on every file
-with merge conflicts.
+be run to resolve differences on each file (skipping those without
+conflicts). Specifying a directory will include all unresolved files in
+that path. If no <file> names are specified, 'git mergetool' will run
+the merge tool program on every file with merge conflicts.