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documentation: retire unfinished documentation
When looking for documentation for a specific function, you may be tempted to run git -C Documentation grep index_name_pos only to find the file technical/api-in-core-index.txt, which doesn't help for understanding the given function. It would be better to not find these functions in the documentation, such that people directly dive into the code instead. In the previous patches we have documented * index_name_pos() * remove_index_entry_at() * add_[file_]to_index() in cache.h We already have documentation for: * add_index_entry() * read_index() Which leaves us with a TODO for: * cache -> the_index macros * refresh_index() * discard_index() * ie_match_stat() and ie_modified(); how they are different and when to use which. * write_index() that was renamed to write_locked_index * cache_tree_invalidate_path() * cache_tree_update() Signed-off-by: Stefan Beller <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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-in-core index API
-Talk about <read-cache.c> and <cache-tree.c>, things like:
-* cache -> the_index macros
-* read_index()
-* write_index()
-* ie_match_stat() and ie_modified(); how they are different and when to
- use which.
-* index_name_pos()
-* remove_index_entry_at()
-* remove_file_from_index()
-* add_file_to_index()
-* add_index_entry()
-* refresh_index()
-* discard_index()
-* cache_tree_invalidate_path()
-* cache_tree_update()
-(JC, Linus)