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=== Sending your patches.
+:security-ml: footnoteref:[security-ml,The Git Security mailing list:]
+Before sending any patches, please note that patches that may be
+security relevant should be submitted privately to the Git Security
+mailing list{security-ml}, instead of the public mailing list.
Learn to use format-patch and send-email if possible. These commands
are optimized for the workflow of sending patches, avoiding many ways
your existing e-mail client that is optimized for "multipart/*" mime
@@ -259,17 +265,24 @@ patch, format it as "multipart/signed", not a text/plain message
that starts with `-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----`. That is
not a text/plain, it's something else.
+:security-ml-ref: footnoteref:[security-ml]
+As mentioned at the beginning of the section, patches that may be
+security relevant should not be submitted to the public mailing list
+mentioned below, but should instead be sent privately to the Git
+Security mailing list{security-ml-ref}.
Send your patch with "To:" set to the mailing list, with "cc:" listing
people who are involved in the area you are touching (the `git
contacts` command in `contrib/contacts/` can help to
identify them), to solicit comments and reviews.
-:1: footnote:[The current maintainer:]
-:2: footnote:[The mailing list:]
+:current-maintainer: footnote:[The current maintainer:]
+:git-ml: footnote:[The mailing list:]
After the list reached a consensus that it is a good idea to apply the
-patch, re-send it with "To:" set to the maintainer{1} and "cc:" the
-list{2} for inclusion.
+patch, re-send it with "To:" set to the maintainer{current-maintainer} and "cc:" the
+list{git-ml} for inclusion.
Do not forget to add trailers such as `Acked-by:`, `Reviewed-by:` and
`Tested-by:` lines as necessary to credit people who helped your