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git-rebase: Clarify usage statement and copy it into the actual documentation.
I found a paper thin man page for git-rebase, but was quite happy to see something much more useful in the usage statement of the script when I went there to find out how this thing worked. Here it is cleaned up slightly and expanded a bit into the actual documentation. Signed-off-by: Carl Worth <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -7,14 +7,54 @@ git-rebase - Rebase local commits to new upstream head.
-'git-rebase' <upstream> [<head>]
+'git-rebase' [--onto <newbase>] <upstream> [<branch>]
-Rebases local commits to the new head of the upstream tree.
+git-rebase applies to <upstream> (or optionally to <newbase>) commits
+from <branch> that do not appear in <upstream>. When <branch> is not
+specified it defaults to the current branch (HEAD).
+When git-rebase is complete, <branch> will be updated to point to the
+newly created line of commit objects, so the previous line will not be
+accessible unless there are other references to it already.
+Assume the following history exists and the current branch is "topic":
+ A---B---C topic
+ /
+ D---E---F---G master
+From this point, the result of the following commands:
+ git-rebase master
+ git-rebase master topic
+would be:
+ A'--B'--C' topic
+ /
+ D---E---F---G master
+While, starting from the same point, the result of the following
+ git-rebase --onto master~1 master
+ git-rebase --onto master~1 master topic
+would be:
+ A'--B'--C' topic
+ /
+ D---E---F---G master
+ Starting point at which to create the new commits. If the
+ --onto option is not specified, the starting point is
+ <upstream>.
Upstream branch to compare against.