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* tr/http-updates: Remove http.authAny Allow curl to rewind the RPC read buffer Add an option for using any HTTP authentication scheme, not only basic http: maintain curl sessions
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@@ -1136,6 +1136,12 @@ http.maxRequests::
How many HTTP requests to launch in parallel. Can be overridden
by the 'GIT_HTTP_MAX_REQUESTS' environment variable. Default is 5.
+ The number of curl sessions (counted across slots) to be kept across
+ requests. They will not be ended with curl_easy_cleanup() until
+ http_cleanup() is invoked. If USE_CURL_MULTI is not defined, this
+ value will be capped at 1. Defaults to 1.
Maximum size in bytes of the buffer used by smart HTTP
transports when POSTing data to the remote system.