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RelNotes: the sixth batch for 2.16
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -66,6 +66,17 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
* We learned to talk to watchman to speed up "git status" and other
operations that need to see which paths have been modified.
+ * The "diff" family of commands learned to ignore differences in
+ carriage return at the end of line.
+ * Places that know about "", like documentation and shell
+ completion (in contrib/) have been taught about "sendemail.tocmd",
+ too.
+ * "git add --renormalize ." is a new and safer way to record the fact
+ that you are correcting the end-of-line convention and other
+ "convert_to_git()" glitches in the in-repository data.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
@@ -119,7 +130,7 @@ Fixes since v2.15
latter, which has been fixed.
* The experimental "color moved lines differently in diff output"
- feature was buggy around "ignore whitespace changes" edges, whihch
+ feature was buggy around "ignore whitespace changes" edges, which
has been corrected.
* Instead of using custom line comparison and hashing functions to
@@ -130,7 +141,7 @@ Fixes since v2.15
HEAD points at, which have been fixed.
* "git commit", after making a commit, did not check for errors when
- asking on what branch it made the commit, which has been correted.
+ asking on what branch it made the commit, which has been corrected.
* "git status --ignored -u" did not stop at a working tree of a
separate project that is embedded in an ignored directory and
@@ -141,7 +152,7 @@ Fixes since v2.15
--recurse-submodules" has been fixed.
* A recent regression in "git rebase -i" that broke execution of git
- commands from subdirectories via "exec" insn has been fixed.
+ commands from subdirectories via "exec" instruction has been fixed.
* A (possibly flakey) test fix.
@@ -178,7 +189,6 @@ Fixes since v2.15
* Error checking in "git imap-send" for empty response has been
- (merge 618ec81abb rs/imap-send-next-arg-fix later to maint).
* Recent update to the refs infrastructure implementation started
rewriting packed-refs file more often than before; this has been
@@ -198,11 +208,58 @@ Fixes since v2.15
that does not help anything; it has been corrected.
* Doc update around use of "format-patch --subject-prefix" etc.
- (merge f6be7edcac ad/submitting-patches-title-decoration later to maint).
* A fix for an ancient bug in "git apply --ignore-space-change" codepath.
- (merge 6ce15ce576 rs/apply-fuzzy-match-fix later to maint).
+ * Clarify and enhance documentation for "merge-base --fork-point", as
+ it was clear what it computed but not why/what for.
+ (merge 6d1700b8af jc/merge-base-fork-point-doc later to maint).
+ * A few scripts (both in production and tests) incorrectly redirected
+ their error output. These have been corrected.
+ (merge eadf1c8f45 tz/redirect-fix later to maint).
+ * "git notes" sent its error message to its standard output stream,
+ which was corrected.
+ (merge 89b9e31dd5 tz/notes-error-to-stderr later to maint).
+ * The three-way merge performed by "git cherry-pick" was confused
+ when a new submodule was added in the meantime, which has been
+ fixed (or "papered over").
+ (merge c641ca6707 sb/test-cherry-pick-submodule-getting-in-a-way later to maint).
+ * The sequencer machinery (used by "git cherry-pick A..B", and "git
+ rebase -i", among other things) would have lost a commit if stopped
+ due to an unlockable index file, which has been fixed.
+ (merge bd58886775 pw/sequencer-recover-from-unlockable-index later to maint).
+ * "git apply --inaccurate-eof" when used with "--ignore-space-change"
+ triggered an internal sanity check, which has been fixed.
+ (merge 4855de1233 rs/apply-inaccurate-eof-with-incomplete-line later to maint).
+ * Command line completion (in contrib/) has been taught about the
+ "--copy" option of "git branch".
+ (merge 41ca0f773e tz/complete-branch-copy later to maint).
+ * When "git rebase" prepared an mailbox of changes and fed it to "git
+ am" to replay them, it was confused when a stray "From " happened
+ to be in the log message of one of the replayed changes. This has
+ been corrected.
+ (merge ae3b2b04bb ew/rebase-mboxrd later to maint).
+ * There was a recent semantic mismerge in the codepath to write out a
+ section of a configuration section, which has been corrected.
+ (merge 782c030ea2 rs/config-write-section-fix later to maint).
+ * Mentions of "git-rebase" and "git-am" (dashed form) still remained
+ in end-user visible strings emitted by the "git rebase" command;
+ they have been corrected.
+ (merge 82cb775c06 ks/rebase-no-git-foo later to maint).
+ * Contrary to the documentation, "git pull -4/-6 other-args" did not
+ ask the underlying "git fetch" to go over IPv4/IPv6, which has been
+ corrected.
+ (merge ffb4568afe sw/pull-ipv46-passthru later to maint).
* Other minor doc, test and build updates and code cleanups.
- (merge f4e45cb3eb ma/bisect-leakfix later to maint).
- (merge 4da72644b7 ma/reduce-heads-leakfix later to maint).
+ (merge c5e3bc6ec4 sd/branch-copy later to maint).