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git-read-tree --index-output=<file>
This corrects the interface mistake of the previous one, and gives a command line parameter to the only plumbing command that currently needs it: "git-read-tree". We can add the calls to set_alternate_index_output() to other plumbing commands that update the index if/when needed. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ git-read-tree - Reads tree information into the index
-'git-read-tree' (<tree-ish> | [[-m [--aggressive] | --reset | --prefix=<prefix>] [-u | -i]] [--exclude-per-directory=<gitignore>] <tree-ish1> [<tree-ish2> [<tree-ish3>]])
+'git-read-tree' (<tree-ish> | [[-m [--aggressive] | --reset | --prefix=<prefix>] [-u | -i]] [--exclude-per-directory=<gitignore>] [--index-output=<file>] <tree-ish1> [<tree-ish2> [<tree-ish3>]])
@@ -86,6 +86,18 @@ OPTIONS
file (usually '.gitignore') and allows such an untracked
but explicitly ignored file to be overwritten.
+ Instead of writing the results out to `$GIT_INDEX_FILE`,
+ write the resulting index in the named file. While the
+ command is operating, the original index file is locked
+ with the same mechanism as usual. The file must allow
+ to be rename(2)ed into from a temporary file that is
+ created next to the usual index file; typically this
+ means it needs to be on the same filesystem as the index
+ file itself, and you need write permission to the
+ directories the index file and index output file are
+ located in.
The id of the tree object(s) to be read/merged.
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@@ -315,14 +315,6 @@ git so take care if using Cogito etc.
index file. If not specified, the default of `$GIT_DIR/index`
is used.
- When this environment is defined, plumbing level
- commands that update the index writes the resulting
- index to this file, instead of `$GIT_INDEX_FILE` (or its
- default `$GIT_DIR/index`). This is solely meant to be
- used by Porcelain to drive low-level plumbing. Defining
- this in user's environment is always an error.
If the object storage directory is specified via this
environment variable then the sha1 directories are created