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Merge branch 'jk/http-walker-limit-redirect' into maint
Update the error messages from the dumb-http client when it fails to obtain loose objects; we used to give sensible error message only upon 404 but we now forbid unexpected redirects that needs to be reported with something sensible. * jk/http-walker-limit-redirect: http-walker: complain about non-404 loose object errors http: treat http-alternates like redirects http: make redirects more obvious remote-curl: rename shadowed options variable http: always update the base URL for redirects http: simplify update_url_from_redirect
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@@ -1891,6 +1891,16 @@ http.userAgent::
of common USER_AGENT strings (but not including those like git/1.7.1).
Can be overridden by the `GIT_HTTP_USER_AGENT` environment variable.
+ Whether git should follow HTTP redirects. If set to `true`, git
+ will transparently follow any redirect issued by a server it
+ encounters. If set to `false`, git will treat all redirects as
+ errors. If set to `initial`, git will follow redirects only for
+ the initial request to a remote, but not for subsequent
+ follow-up HTTP requests. Since git uses the redirected URL as
+ the base for the follow-up requests, this is generally
+ sufficient. The default is `initial`.
Any of the http.* options above can be applied selectively to some URLs.
For a config key to match a URL, each element of the config key is