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config.txt: update versioncmp.prereleaseSuffix
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@@ -2527,8 +2527,13 @@ versionsort.prereleaseSuffix::
When version sort is used in linkgit:git-tag[1], prerelease
tags (e.g. "1.0-rc1") may appear after the main release
"1.0". By specifying the suffix "-rc" in this variable,
- "1.0-rc1" will appear before "1.0". One variable assignment
- per suffix.
+ "1.0-rc1" will appear before "1.0".
+This variable can be specified multiple times, once per suffix. The
+order of suffixes in the config file determines the sorting order
+(e.g. if "-pre" appears before "-rc" in the config file then 1.0-preXX
+is sorted before 1.0-rcXX). The sorting order between different
+suffixes is undefined if they are in multiple config files.
Specify a web browser that may be used by some commands.