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Merge branch 'jt/partial-clone-proto-v2'
Transfer protocol v2 learned to support the partial clone. * jt/partial-clone-proto-v2: {fetch,upload}-pack: support filter in protocol v2 upload-pack: read config when serving protocol v2 upload-pack: fix error message typo
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Cannot be used with "deepen", but can be used with
+If the 'filter' feature is advertised, the following argument can be
+included in the client's request:
+ filter <filter-spec>
+ Request that various objects from the packfile be omitted
+ using one of several filtering techniques. These are intended
+ for use with partial clone and partial fetch operations. See
+ `rev-list` for possible "filter-spec" values.
The response of `fetch` is broken into a number of sections separated by
delimiter packets (0001), with each section beginning with its section