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Merge branch 'kb/use-nsec-doc'
Clarify in the Makefile a guideline to decide use of USE_NSEC. * kb/use-nsec-doc: Makefile / racy-git.txt: clarify USE_NSEC prerequisites
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@@ -41,13 +41,17 @@ With a `USE_STDEV` compile-time option, `st_dev` is also
compared, but this is not enabled by default because this member
is not stable on network filesystems. With `USE_NSEC`
compile-time option, `st_mtim.tv_nsec` and `st_ctim.tv_nsec`
-members are also compared, but this is not enabled by default
+members are also compared. On Linux, this is not enabled by default
because in-core timestamps can have finer granularity than
on-disk timestamps, resulting in meaningless changes when an
inode is evicted from the inode cache. See commit 8ce13b0
of git://
([PATCH] Sync in core time granularity with filesystems,
+2005-01-04). This patch is included in kernel 2.6.11 and newer, but
+only fixes the issue for file systems with exactly 1 ns or 1 s
+resolution. Other file systems are still broken in current Linux
+kernels (e.g. CEPH, CIFS, NTFS, UDF), see
Racy Git