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Introducing git-cvsserver -- a CVS emulator for git.
git-cvsserver is highly functional. However, not all methods are implemented, and for those methods that are implemented, not all switches are implemented. All the common read operations are implemented, and add/remove/commit are supported. Testing has been done using both the CLI CVS client, and the Eclipse CVS plugin. Most functionality works fine with both of these clients. Currently git-cvsserver only works over SSH connections, see the Documentation for more details on how to configure your client. It does not support pserver for anonymous access but it should not be hard to implement. Anonymous access will need tighter input validation. In our very informal tests, it seems to be significantly faster than a real CVS server. This utility depends on a version of git-cvsannotate that supports -S and on DBD::SQLite. Licensed under GPLv2. Copyright The Open University UK. Authors: Martyn Smith <> Martin Langhoff <> Signed-off-by: Martin Langhoff <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+git-cvsserver - A CVS server emulator for git
+export CVS_SERVER=git-cvsserver
+'cvs' -d :ext:user@server/path/repo.git co <HEAD_name>
+This application is a CVS emulation layer for git.
+It is highly functional. However, not all methods are implemented,
+and for those methods that are implemented,
+not all switches are implemented.
+Testing has been done using both the CLI CVS client, and the Eclipse CVS
+plugin. Most functionality works fine with both of these clients.
+Currently gitcvs only works over ssh connections.
+1. Put somewhere useful on the same machine that is hosting your git repos
+2. For each repo that you want accessible from CVS you need to edit config in
+ the repo and add the following section.
+ [gitcvs]
+ enabled=1
+ logfile=/path/to/logfile
+ n.b. you need to ensure each user that is going to invoke has
+ write access to the log file.
+5. On each client machine you need to set the following variables.
+ CVSROOT should be set as per normal, but the directory should point at the
+ appropriate git repo.
+ CVS_SERVER should be set to the script that has been put on the
+ remote machine.
+6. Clients should now be able to check out modules (where modules are the names
+ of branches in git).
+ $ cvs co -d mylocaldir master
+Operations supported
+All the operations required for normal use are supported, including
+checkout, diff, status, update, log, add, remove, commit.
+Legacy monitoring operations are not supported (edit, watch and related).
+Exports and tagging (tags and branches) are not supported at this stage.
+The server will set the -k mode to binary when relevant. In proper GIT
+tradition, the contents of the files are always respected.
+No keyword expansion or newline munging is supported.
+git-cvsserver depends on DBD::SQLite.
+Copyright and Authors
+This program is copyright The Open University UK - 2006.
+Authors: Martyn Smith <>
+ Martin Langhoff <>
+ with ideas and patches from participants of the git-list <>.
+Documentation by Martyn Smith <> and Martin Langhoff <>Matthias Urlichs <>.
+Part of the gitlink:git[7] suite