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Merge branch 'sb/blame-color'
"git blame" learns to unhighlight uninteresting metadata from the originating commit on lines that are the same as the previous one, and also paint lines in different colors depending on the age of the commit. * sb/blame-color: builtin/blame: add new coloring scheme config builtin/blame: highlight recently changed lines builtin/blame: dim uninteresting metadata lines
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@@ -1251,6 +1251,33 @@ color.status.<slot>::
status short-format), or
`unmerged` (files which have unmerged changes).
+ Use the customized color for the part of git-blame output that
+ is repeated meta information per line (such as commit id,
+ author name, date and timezone). Defaults to cyan.
+ This can be used to color the metadata of a blame line depending
+ on age of the line.
+This setting should be set to a comma-separated list of color and date settings,
+starting and ending with a color, the dates should be set from oldest to newest.
+The metadata will be colored given the colors if the the line was introduced
+before the given timestamp, overwriting older timestamped colors.
+Instead of an absolute timestamp relative timestamps work as well, e.g.
+2.weeks.ago is valid to address anything older than 2 weeks.
+It defaults to 'blue,12 month ago,white,1 month ago,red', which colors
+everything older than one year blue, recent changes between one month and
+one year old are kept white, and lines introduced within the last month are
+colored red.
+ This determines the coloring scheme to be applied to blame
+ output. It can be 'repeatedLines', 'highlightRecent',
+ or 'none' which is the default.
A boolean to enable/disable color when pushes are rejected. May be
set to `always`, `false` (or `never`) or `auto` (or `true`), in which