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Merge branch 'mg/doc-remote-tags-or-not' into maint
"git remote add" mentioned "--tags" and "--no-tags" and was not clear that fetch from the remote in the future will use the default behaviour when neither is given to override it. * mg/doc-remote-tags-or-not: git-remote.txt: describe behavior without --tags and --no-tags
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@@ -58,6 +58,9 @@ remote repository.
With `--no-tags` option, `git fetch <name>` does not import tags from
the remote repository.
+By default, only tags on fetched branches are imported
+(see linkgit:git-fetch[1]).
With `-t <branch>` option, instead of the default glob
refspec for the remote to track all branches under
the `refs/remotes/<name>/` namespace, a refspec to track only `<branch>`