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Merge branch 'ls/http-ssl-cipher-list'
Introduce http.<url>.SSLCipherList configuration variable to tweak the list of cipher suite to be used with libcURL when talking with https:// sites. * ls/http-ssl-cipher-list: http: add support for specifying an SSL cipher list
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@@ -1569,6 +1569,19 @@ http.saveCookies::
If set, store cookies received during requests to the file specified by
http.cookieFile. Has no effect if http.cookieFile is unset.
+ A list of SSL ciphers to use when negotiating an SSL connection.
+ The available ciphers depend on whether libcurl was built against
+ NSS or OpenSSL and the particular configuration of the crypto
+ library in use. Internally this sets the 'CURLOPT_SSL_CIPHER_LIST'
+ option; see the libcurl documentation for more details on the format
+ of this list.
+Can be overridden by the 'GIT_SSL_CIPHER_LIST' environment variable.
+To force git to use libcurl's default cipher list and ignore any
+explicit http.sslCipherList option, set 'GIT_SSL_CIPHER_LIST' to the
+empty string.
Whether to verify the SSL certificate when fetching or pushing
over HTTPS. Can be overridden by the 'GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY' environment