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fetch-pack: start multi-head pulling.
This is a beginning of resurrecting the multi-head pulling support for git-fetch-pack command. The git-fetch-script wrapper still only knows about fetching a single head, without renaming, so it is not very useful unless you directly call git-fetch-pack itself yet. It also fixes a longstanding obsolete description of how the command discovers the list of local commits.
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@@ -9,19 +9,19 @@ git-fetch-pack - Receive missing objects from another repository.
-git-fetch-pack [-q] [--exec=<git-upload-pack>] [<host>:]<directory> [<head>...] < <commit-list>
+git-fetch-pack [-q] [--exec=<git-upload-pack>] [<host>:]<directory> [<refs>...]
Invokes 'git-upload-pack' on a potentially remote repository,
and asks it to send objects missing from this repository, to
update the named heads. The list of commits available locally
-is fed from the standard input, to be sent to 'git-upload-pack'
-running on the other end.
+is found out by scanning local $GIT_DIR/refs/ and sent to
+'git-upload-pack' running on the other end.
-This command can be used only when the local side has a common
-(ancestor) commit with the remote head that is being pulled
-from. Use 'git-clone-pack' for that.
+This command degenerates to download everything to complete the
+asked refs from the remote side when the local side does not
+have a common ancestor commit.
@@ -50,15 +50,11 @@ OPTIONS
The repository to sync from.
The remote heads to update from. This is relative to
$GIT_DIR (e.g. "HEAD", "refs/heads/master"). When
unspecified, update from all heads the remote side has.
- However the program refuses to work if more than one
- remote head matches the specified heads. I am not sure
- what this means... Help!!!!!