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[PATCH] Updates to glossary
Changes to the descriptions of tree and tag objects, a link for ent, and descriptions for rewind, rebase and core git were added. Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -26,9 +26,9 @@ blob object::
Untyped object, e.g. the contents of a file.
tree object::
- An object containing a list of blob and/or tree objects.
- (A tree usually corresponds to a directory without
- subdirectories).
+ An object containing a list of file names and modes along with refs
+ to the associated blob and/or tree objects. A tree object is
+ equivalent to a directory.
Either a working tree, or a tree object together with the
@@ -118,11 +118,14 @@ tree-ish::
tag object pointing to a tag or commit or tree object.
- Favorite synonym to "tree-ish" by some total geeks.
+ Favorite synonym to "tree-ish" by some total geeks. See
+ for an in-depth
+ explanation.
tag object::
- An object containing a ref pointing to another object. It can
- contain a (PGP) signature, in which case it is called "signed
+ An object containing a ref pointing to another object, which can
+ contain a message just like a commit object. It can also
+ contain a (PGP) signature, in which case it is called a "signed
tag object".
@@ -143,6 +146,15 @@ resolve::
The action of fixing up manually what a failed automatic merge
left behind.
+ To throw away part of the development, i.e. to assign the head to
+ an earlier revision.
+ To clean a branch by starting from the head of the main line of
+ development ("master"), and reapply the (possibly cherry-picked)
+ changes from that branch.
A collection of refs together with an object database containing
all objects, which are reachable from the refs, possibly accompanied
@@ -196,6 +208,10 @@ pack index::
The list of identifiers, and other information, of the objects in a
pack, to assist in efficiently accessing the contents of a pack.
+core git::
+ Fundamental data structures and utilities of git. Exposes only
+ limited source code management tools.
Cute name for core git.