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[PATCH] Documentation: push-pull commands into a separate category.
This splits push-pull related commands into a separate category. I think a bigger overhaul of the main index is needed, but have not got around to it. Help is welcome. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
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Commands Overview
The git commands can helpfully be split into those that manipulate
-the repository, the cache and the working fileset and those that
-interrogate and compare them.
+the repository, the cache and the working fileset, those that
+interrogate and compare them, and those that moves objects and
+references between repositories.
There are also some ancilliary programs that can be viewed as useful
aids for using the core commands but which are unlikely to be used by
@@ -117,16 +118,6 @@ The interrogate commands may create files - and you can force them to
touch the working file set - but in general they don't
-Ancilliary Commands
- Sample script to apply the diffs from git-diff-*
- Converts old-style GIT repository
Clones a repository into the current repository (user interface)
@@ -134,18 +125,49 @@ link:git-clone-pack.html[git-clone-pack]::
Clones a repository into the current repository (engine
for ssh and local transport)
+ Pull from a repote repository via various protocols
+ (user interface).
Downloads a remote GIT repository via HTTP
Duplicates another GIT repository on a local system
+ Pulls from a remote repository over ssh connection
+ Pushes to a remote repository, intelligently.
+ Invoked by 'git-send-pack' to receive what is pushed to it.
+ Clones from a remote repository.
+ Updates from a remote repository.
+ Invoked by 'git-clone-pack' and 'git-fetch-pack' to push
+ what are asked for.
+Ancilliary Commands
+ Sample script to apply the diffs from git-diff-*
+ Converts old-style GIT repository
The standard helper program to use with "git-merge-cache"
- Script used by Linus to pull and merge a remote repository
Prunes all unreachable objects from the object database
@@ -155,8 +177,6 @@ link:git-resolve-script.html[git-resolve-script]::
An example script to create a tag object signed with GPG
- Pulls from a remote repository over ssh connection
@@ -221,17 +241,16 @@ The git-core manipulates the following areas in the directory:
.git/ The base (overridden with $GIT_DIR)
objects/ The object base (overridden with $GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY)
- ??/ 'First 2 chars of object' directories
-It can interrogate (but never updates) the following areas:
+ ??/ 'First 2 chars of object' directories.
+ pack/ Packed archives.
refs/ Directories containing symbolic names for objects
(each file contains the hex SHA1 + newline)
heads/ Commits which are heads of various sorts
tags/ Tags, by the tag name (or some local renaming of it)
- snap/ ????
- ... Everything else isn't shared
- HEAD Symlink to refs/heads/<something>
+ */ Any other subdirectory of refs/ can be used to store
+ files similar to what are under refs/heads/.
+ HEAD Symlink to refs/heads/<current-branch-name>
Higher level SCMs may provide and manage additional information in the