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contrib/git-svn: use refs/remotes/git-svn instead of git-svn-HEAD
After reading a lengthy discussion on the list, I've come to the conclusion that creating a 'remotes' directory in refs isn't such a bad idea. You can still branch from it by specifying remotes/git-svn (not needing the leading 'refs/'), and the documentation has been updated to reflect that. The 'git-svn' part of the ref can of course be set to whatever you want by using the GIT_SVN_ID environment variable, as before. I'm using refs/remotes/git-svn, and not going with something like refs/remotes/git-svn/HEAD as it's redundant for Subversion where there's zero distinction between branches and directories. Run git-svn rebuild --upgrade to upgrade your repository to use the new head. git-svn-HEAD must be manually deleted for safety reasons. Side note: if you ever (and I hope you never) want to run git-update-refs on a 'remotes/' ref, make sure you have the 'refs/' prefix as you don't want to be clobbering your 'remotes/' in $GIT_DIR (where remote URLs are stored). Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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