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Git 2.18-rc0v2.18.0-rc0
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@@ -133,6 +133,15 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
These object names are now sorted according to their types for
easier eyeballing.
+ * "git fetch $there $refspec" that talks over protocol v2 can take
+ advantage of server-side ref filtering; the code has been extended
+ so that this mechanism triggers also when fetching with configured
+ refspec.
+ * Our HTTP client code used to advertise that we accept gzip encoding
+ from the other side; instead, just let cURL library to advertise
+ and negotiate the best one.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
@@ -272,6 +281,23 @@ Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
* Conversion from uchar[20] to struct object_id continues.
+ * By code restructuring of submodule merge in merge-recursive,
+ informational messages from the codepath are now given using the
+ same mechanism as other output, and honor the merge.verbosity
+ configuration. The code also learned to give a few new messages
+ when a submodule three-way merge resolves cleanly when one side
+ records a descendant of the commit chosen by the other side.
+ * Avoid unchecked snprintf() to make future code auditing easier.
+ (merge ac4896f007 jk/snprintf-truncation later to maint).
+ * Many tests hardcode the raw object names, which would change once
+ we migrate away from SHA-1. While some of them must test against
+ exact object names, most of them do not have to use hardcoded
+ constants in the test. The latter kind of tests have been updated
+ to test the moral equivalent of the original without hardcoding the
+ actual object names.
Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.
@@ -461,6 +487,15 @@ Fixes since v2.17
This has been corrected.
(merge e30d833671 sb/submodule-update-try-harder later to maint).
+ * Error behaviour of "git grep" when it cannot read the index was
+ inconsistent with other commands that uses the index, which has
+ been corrected to error out early.
+ (merge b2aa84c789 sb/grep-die-on-unreadable-index later to maint).
+ * We used to call regfree() after regcomp() failed in some codepaths,
+ which have been corrected.
+ (merge 17154b1576 ma/regex-no-regfree-after-comp-fail later to maint).
* Other minor doc, test and build updates and code cleanups.
(merge 248f66ed8e nd/trace-with-env later to maint).
(merge 14ced5562c ys/bisect-object-id-missing-conversion-fix later to maint).
@@ -491,3 +526,4 @@ Fixes since v2.17
(merge 92c4a7a129 nd/completion-aliasfiletype-typofix later to maint).
(merge 58bd77b66a nd/pack-unreachable-objects-doc later to maint).
(merge 4ed79d5203 sg/t6500-no-redirect-of-stdin later to maint).
+ (merge 17b8a2d6cd jk/config-blob-sans-repo later to maint).