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Merge branch 'tg/worktree-add-existing-branch'
"git worktree add" learned to check out an existing branch. * tg/worktree-add-existing-branch: worktree: teach "add" to check out existing branches worktree: factor out dwim_branch function worktree: improve message when creating a new worktree worktree: remove extra members from struct add_opts
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@@ -61,8 +61,13 @@ $ git worktree add --track -b <branch> <path> <remote>/<branch>
If `<commit-ish>` is omitted and neither `-b` nor `-B` nor `--detach` used,
-then, as a convenience, a new branch based at HEAD is created automatically,
-as if `-b $(basename <path>)` was specified.
+then, as a convenience, the new worktree is associated with a branch
+(call it `<branch>`) named after `$(basename <path>)`. If `<branch>`
+doesn't exist, a new branch based on HEAD is automatically created as
+if `-b <branch>` was given. If `<branch>` does exist, it will be
+checked out in the new worktree, if it's not checked out anywhere
+else, otherwise the command will refuse to create the worktree (unless
+`--force` is used).