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Second batch for 2.1
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Git v2.1 Release Notes
+Backward compatibility notes
+ * The default value we give to the environment variable LESS has been
+ changed from "FRSX" to "FRX", losing "S" (chop long lines instead
+ of wrapping). Existing users who prefer not to see line-wrapped
+ output may want to set
+ $ git config core.pager "less -S"
+ to restore the traditional behaviour. It is expected that people
+ find output from the most subcommands easier to read with the new
+ default, except for "blame" which tends to produce really long
+ lines. To override the new default only for "git blame", you can
+ do this:
+ $ git config pager.blame "less -S"
+ * A few disused directories in contrib/ have been retired.
Updates since v2.0
UI, Workflows & Features
+ * Since the very beginning of Git, we gave the LESS environment a
+ default value "FRSX" when we spawn "less" as the pager. "S" (chop
+ long lines instead of wrapping) has been removed from this default
+ set of options, because it is more or less a personal taste thing,
+ as opposed to others that have good justifications (i.e. "R" is
+ very much justified because many kinds of output we produce are
+ colored and "FX" is justified because output we produce is often
+ shorter than a page).
+ * The logic and data used to compute the display width needed for
+ UTF-8 strings have been updated to match Unicode 6.3 better.
* "git commit --date=<date>" option learned to read from more
timestamp formats, including "--date=now".
+ * The `core.commentChar` configuration variable is used to specify a
+ custom comment character other than the default "#" to be used in
+ the commit log editor. This can be set to `auto` to attempt to
+ choose a different character that does not conflict with what
+ already starts a line in the message being edited for cases like
+ "git commit --amend".
* "git grep" learned grep.fullname configuration variable to force
"--full-name" to be default. This may cause regressions on
scripted users that do not expect this new behaviour.
+ * "git imap-send" learned to ask the credential helper for auth
+ material.
* "git merge" without argument, even when there is an upstream
defined for the current branch, refused to run until
merge.defaultToUpstream is set to true. Flip the default of that
@@ -37,9 +80,21 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
digit in the hour part, e.g. 2014-01-07T5:01:02.048176Z, emitted
by some broken subversion server implementations.
+ * "git tag" when editing the tag message shows the name of the tag
+ being edited as a comment in the editor.
Performance, Internal Implementation, etc.
+ * Build procedure for 'subtree' (in contrib/) has been cleaned up.
+ * The `core.deltabasecachelimit` used to default to 16 MiB , but this
+ proved to be too small, and has been bumped to 96 MiB.
+ * "git blame" has been optimized greatly by reorganising the data
+ structure that is used to keep track of the work to be done, thanks
+ to David Karstrup <>.
* "git diff" that compares 3-or-more trees (e.g. parents and the
result of a merge) have been optimized.
@@ -59,6 +114,11 @@ Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v2.0 in the maintenance
track are contained in this release (see the maintenance releases'
notes for details).
+ * We used to unconditionally disable the pager in the pager process
+ we spawn to feed out output, but that prevented people who want to
+ run "less" within "less" from doing so.
+ (merge c0459ca je/pager-do-not-recurse later to maint).
* "--ignore-space-change" option of "git apply" ignored the spaces
at the beginning of line too aggressively, which is inconsistent
with the option of the same name "diff" and "git diff" have.
@@ -69,15 +129,42 @@ notes for details).
lines in its output.
(merge dd75553 jx/blame-align-relative-time later to maint).
+ * "git blame" assigned the blame to the copy in the working-tree if
+ the repository is set to core.autocrlf=input and the file used CRLF
+ line endings.
+ (merge 4d4813a bc/blame-crlf-test later to maint).
+ * "git commit --allow-empty-messag -C $commit" did not work when the
+ commit did not have any log message.
+ (merge 076cbd6 jk/commit-C-pick-empty later to maint).
+ * "git grep -O" to show the lines that hit in the pager did not work
+ well with case insensitive search. We now spawn "less" with its
+ "-I" option when it is used as the pager (which is the default).
+ (merge f7febbe sk/spawn-less-case-insensitively-from-grep-O-i later to maint).
* We used to disable threaded "git index-pack" on platforms without
thread-safe pread(); use a different workaround for such
platforms to allow threaded "git index-pack".
(merge 3953949 nd/index-pack-one-fd-per-thread later to maint).
+ * The error reporting from "git index-pack" has been improved to
+ distinguish missing objects from type errors.
+ (merge 77583e7 jk/index-pack-report-missing later to maint).
+ * On a case insensitive filesystem, merge-recursive incorrectly
+ deleted the file that is to be renamed to a name that is the same
+ except for case differences.
+ (merge baa37bf dt/merge-recursive-case-insensitive later to maint).
* "git rerere forget" did not work well when merge.conflictstyle
was set to a non-default value.
(merge de3d8bb fc/rerere-conflict-style later to maint).
+ * "git show -s" (i.e. show log message only) used to incorrectly emit
+ an extra blank line after a merge commit.
+ (merge ad2f725 mk/show-s-no-extra-blank-line-for-merges later to maint).
* "git status", even though it is a read-only operation, tries to
update the index with refreshed lstat(2) info to optimize future
accesses to the working tree opportunistically, but this could