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Merge branch 'jc/hash-object'
"hash-object --literally" introduced in v2.2 was not prepared to take a really long object type name. * jc/hash-object: write_sha1_file(): do not use a separate sha1[] array t1007: add hash-object --literally tests hash-object --literally: fix buffer overrun with extra-long object type git-hash-object.txt: document --literally option
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ git-hash-object - Compute object ID and optionally creates a blob from a file
-'git hash-object' [-t <type>] [-w] [--path=<file>|--no-filters] [--stdin] [--] <file>...
+'git hash-object' [-t <type>] [-w] [--path=<file>|--no-filters] [--stdin [--literally]] [--] <file>...
'git hash-object' [-t <type>] [-w] --stdin-paths [--no-filters] < <list-of-paths>
@@ -51,7 +51,13 @@ OPTIONS
Hash the contents as is, ignoring any input filter that would
have been chosen by the attributes mechanism, including the end-of-line
conversion. If the file is read from standard input then this
- is always implied, unless the --path option is given.
+ is always implied, unless the `--path` option is given.
+ Allow `--stdin` to hash any garbage into a loose object which might not
+ otherwise pass standard object parsing or git-fsck checks. Useful for
+ stress-testing Git itself or reproducing characteristics of corrupt or
+ bogus objects encountered in the wild.