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Merge branch 'cb/mergetool'
* cb/mergetool: Add a very basic test script for git mergetool Teach git mergetool to use custom commands defined at config time Changed an internal variable of mergetool to support custom commands Tidy up git mergetool's backup file behaviour
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@@ -749,8 +749,10 @@ merge.summary::
Controls which merge resolution program is used by
- linkgit:git-mergetool[1]. Valid values are: "kdiff3", "tkdiff",
- "meld", "xxdiff", "emerge", "vimdiff", "gvimdiff", and "opendiff".
+ linkgit:git-mergetool[1]. Valid built-in values are: "kdiff3",
+ "tkdiff", "meld", "xxdiff", "emerge", "vimdiff", "gvimdiff", and
+ "opendiff". Any other value is treated is custom merge tool
+ and there must be a corresponing mergetool.<tool>.cmd option.
Controls the amount of output shown by the recursive merge
@@ -777,6 +779,31 @@ mergetool.<tool>.path::
Override the path for the given tool. This is useful in case
your tool is not in the PATH.
+ Specify the command to invoke the specified merge tool. The
+ specified command is evaluated in shell with the following
+ variables available: 'BASE' is the name of a temporary file
+ containing the common base of the files to be merged, if available;
+ 'LOCAL' is the name of a temporary file containing the contents of
+ the file on the current branch; 'REMOTE' is the name of a temporary
+ file containing the contents of the file from the branch being
+ merged; 'MERGED' contains the name of the file to which the merge
+ tool should write the results of a successful merge.
+ For a custom merge command, specify whether the exit code of
+ the merge command can be used to determine whether the merge was
+ successful. If this is not set to true then the merge target file
+ timestamp is checked and the merge assumed to have been successful
+ if the file has been updated, otherwise the user is prompted to
+ indicate the success of the merge.
+ After performing a merge, the original file with conflict markers
+ can be saved as a file with a `.orig` extension. If this variable
+ is set to `false` then this file is not preserved. Defaults to
+ `true` (i.e. keep the backup files).
The size of the window used by linkgit:git-pack-objects[1] when no
window size is given on the command line. Defaults to 10.