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@@ -1994,7 +1994,7 @@ $ git push ssh:// +master
Normally whenever a branch head in a public repository is modified, it
-is modified to point to a descendent of the commit that it pointed to
+is modified to point to a descendant of the commit that it pointed to
before. By forcing a push in this situation, you break that convention.
(See <<problems-with-rewriting-history>>.)
@@ -2921,7 +2921,7 @@ As you can see, a commit is defined by:
- a tree: The SHA1 name of a tree object (as defined below), representing
the contents of a directory at a certain point in time.
- parent(s): The SHA1 name of some number of commits which represent the
- immediately prevoius step(s) in the history of the project. The
+ immediately previous step(s) in the history of the project. The
example above has one parent; merge commits may have more than
one. A commit with no parents is called a "root" commit, and
represents the initial revision of a project. Each project must have
@@ -3242,7 +3242,7 @@ to replace them by hand. Back up your repository before attempting this
in case you corrupt things even more in the process.
We'll assume that the problem is a single missing or corrupted blob,
-which is sometimes a solveable problem. (Recovering missing trees and
+which is sometimes a solvable problem. (Recovering missing trees and
especially commits is *much* harder).
Before starting, verify that there is corruption, and figure out where