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Mention the git-stash command as a way to temporarily set aside work in progress. Signed-off-by: J. Bruce Fields <>
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+Temporarily setting aside work in progress
+While you are in the middle of working on something complicated, you
+find an unrelated but obvious and trivial bug. You would like to fix it
+before continuing. You can use gitlink:git-stash[1] to save the current
+state of your work, and after fixing the bug (or, optionally after doing
+so on a different branch and then coming back), unstash the
+work-in-progress changes.
+$ git stash "work in progress for foo feature"
+This command will save your changes away to the `stash`, and
+reset your working tree and the index to match the tip of your
+current branch. Then you can make your fix as usual.
+... edit and test ...
+$ git commit -a -m "blorpl: typofix"
+After that, you can go back to what you were working on with
+`git stash apply`:
+$ git stash apply
Ensuring good performance