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User Manual: Write "Git" instead of "GIT"
In the Table of Contents, there is a notable inconsistency: first there is "GIT Glossary", followed by "Git Quick Reference" on the very next line. Running "grep -c" on user-manual.txt, I find 780 occurrrences of "git", 37 occurrences of "Git", and 9 occurrences of "GIT". In general, "git" is the preferred spelling, except at the beginning of a sentence. Therefore, change "GIT Glossary" to "Git Glossary" for consistency with the rest of the document. Looking at the other eight occurrences of "GIT" I found one other occurrence that should be changed: * The mention of "StGIT". Looking at the web pages for "Stacked Git" at, I only saw the spelling "StGit", except in, but that page was last updated in 2006. The other seven occurrences should not be changed: * Three occurrences were in the output of 'git show-branch' run on the git.git repository. * One occurrence was in the output of 'git cat-file'. * One occurrence was as part of the file name "GIT-VERSION-GEN". * Two occurrences were in comments in scripts quoted in a description of Tony Luck's workflow. Signed-off-by: Björn Gustavsson <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -2569,7 +2569,7 @@ them again with linkgit:git-am[1].
Other tools
-There are numerous other tools, such as StGIT, which exist for the
+There are numerous other tools, such as StGit, which exist for the
purpose of maintaining a patch series. These are outside of the scope of
this manual.
@@ -4275,7 +4275,7 @@ You see, Git is actually the best tool to find out about the source of Git
-GIT Glossary
+Git Glossary