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* maint: Replace the word 'update-cache' by 'update-index' everywhere cvsimport: fix usage of cvsimport.module t7003-filter-branch: Fix test of a failing --msg-filter. cvsimport: miscellaneous packed-ref fixes cvsimport: use rev-parse to support packed refs Add basic cvsimport tests
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@@ -3707,7 +3707,7 @@ should use the `--remove` and `--add` flags respectively.
NOTE! A `--remove` flag does 'not' mean that subsequent filenames will
necessarily be removed: if the files still exist in your directory
structure, the index will be updated with their new status, not
-removed. The only thing `--remove` means is that update-cache will be
+removed. The only thing `--remove` means is that update-index will be
considering a removed file to be a valid thing, and if the file really
does not exist any more, it will update the index accordingly.