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user-manual: mention "..." in "Generating diffs", etc.
We should mention the use of the "..." syntax for git-diff here. The note about the difference between diff and the combined output of git-format-patch then no longer fits so well, so remove it. Add a reference to the git-format-patch[1] manpage. Signed-off-by: J. Bruce Fields <>
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@@ -658,16 +658,23 @@ gitlink:git-diff[1]:
$ git diff master..test
-Sometimes what you want instead is a set of patches:
+That will produce the diff between the tips of the two branches. If
+you'd prefer to find the diff from their common ancestor to test, you
+can use three dots instead of two:
+$ git diff master...test
+Sometimes what you want instead is a set of patches; for this you can
+use gitlink:git-format-patch[1]:
$ git format-patch master..test
will generate a file with a patch for each commit reachable from test
-but not from master. Note that if master also has commits which are
-not reachable from test, then the combined result of these patches
-will not be the same as the diff produced by the git-diff example.
+but not from master.
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