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git-rebase: error out when incompatible options passed
git rebase has three different types: am, merge, and interactive, all of which are implemented in terms of separate scripts. am builds on git-am, merge builds on git-merge-recursive, and interactive builds on git-cherry-pick. We make use of features in those lower-level commands in the different rebase types, but those features don't exist in all of the lower level commands so we have a range of incompatibilities. Previously, we just accepted nearly any argument and silently ignored whichever ones weren't implemented for the type of rebase specified. Change this so the incompatibilities are documented, included in the testsuite, and tested for at runtime with an appropriate error message shown. Some exceptions I left out: * --merge and --interactive are technically incompatible since they are supposed to run different underlying scripts, but with a few small changes, --interactive can do everything that --merge can. In fact, I'll shortly be sending another patch to remove git-rebase--merge and reimplement it on top of git-rebase--interactive. * One could argue that --interactive and --quiet are incompatible since --interactive doesn't implement a --quiet mode (perhaps since cherry-pick itself does not implement one). However, the interactive mode is more quiet than the other modes in general with progress messages, so one could argue that it's already quiet. Signed-off-by: Elijah Newren <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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