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Documentation: update tutorial's discussion of origin
Update tutorial's discussion of origin branch to reflect new defaults, and include a brief mention of git-repo-config. Signed-off-by: J. Bruce Fields <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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Note that he doesn't need to give the path to Alice's repository;
when Bob cloned Alice's repository, git stored the location of her
-repository in the file .git/remotes/origin, and that location is used
-as the default for pulls.
-Bob may also notice a branch in his repository that he didn't create:
+repository in the repository configuration, and that location is
+used for pulls:
-$ git branch
-* master
- origin
+$ git repo-config --get remote.origin.url
-The "origin" branch, which was created automatically by "git clone",
-is a pristine copy of Alice's master branch; Bob should never commit
-to it.
+(The complete configuration created by git-clone is visible using
+"git repo-config -l", and the gitlink:git-repo-config[1] man page
+explains the meaning of each option.)
+Git also keeps a pristine copy of Alice's master branch under the
+name "origin/master":
+$ git branch -r
+ origin/master
If Bob later decides to work from a different host, he can still
perform clones and pulls using the ssh protocol: