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Merge branch 'bw/pathspec-cleanup'
Code clean-up in the pathspec API. * bw/pathspec-cleanup: pathspec: rename prefix_pathspec to init_pathspec_item pathspec: small readability changes pathspec: create strip submodule slash helpers pathspec: create parse_element_magic helper pathspec: create parse_long_magic function pathspec: create parse_short_magic function pathspec: factor global magic into its own function pathspec: simpler logic to prefix original pathspec elements pathspec: always show mnemonic and name in unsupported_magic pathspec: remove unused variable from unsupported_magic pathspec: copy and free owned memory pathspec: remove the deprecated get_pathspec function ls-tree: convert show_recursive to use the pathspec struct interface dir: convert fill_directory to use the pathspec struct interface dir: remove struct path_simplify mv: remove use of deprecated 'get_pathspec()'
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@@ -27,8 +27,6 @@ parse_pathspec(). This function takes several arguments:
- prefix and args come from cmd_* functions
-get_pathspec() is obsolete and should never be used in new code.
parse_pathspec() helps catch unsupported features and reject them
politely. At a lower level, different pathspec-related functions may
not support the same set of features. Such pathspec-sensitive