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Merge branch 'sg/completion'
Clean-up and updates to command line completion (in contrib/). * sg/completion: (22 commits) completion: restore removed line continuating backslash completion: cache the path to the repository completion: extract repository discovery from __gitdir() completion: don't guard git executions with __gitdir() completion: consolidate silencing errors from git commands completion: don't use __gitdir() for git commands completion: respect 'git -C <path>' rev-parse: add '--absolute-git-dir' option completion: fix completion after 'git -C <path>' completion: don't offer commands when 'git --opt' needs an argument completion: list short refs from a remote given as a URL completion: don't list 'HEAD' when trying refs completion outside of a repo completion: list refs from remote when remote's name matches a directory completion: respect 'git --git-dir=<path>' when listing remote refs completion: fix most spots not respecting 'git --git-dir=<path>' completion: ensure that the repository path given on the command line exists completion tests: add tests for the __git_refs() helper function completion tests: check __gitdir()'s output in the error cases completion tests: consolidate getting path of current working directory completion tests: make the $cur variable local to the test helper functions ...
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